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This week was for…super late night rehearsals (midnight to 1:30am…yay), spending a lot of time on contracts and insurance and setting up shows, my brother and his girlfriend coming to town and taking an aerial class with me, family dinner and board games, surprise visits from Shane, cute kiddo costumes, sequins and feathers everywhere, watching my cousin get married, and donning a beard for the wildest Halloween party of the year. (I got video of our performance this year – will share soon!)

Sarah and Halley both were super open about their rates >>>>>>

A discussion on raising your rates >>>

And a great post about spending money >>>

The confused and diffused creative >>>

Lisa wrote about hiring a designer >>> (and I did too a while back)

Flourless brownie cookies (sounds like something Shane will con me into baking) >>>

Love Sarah’s new series on breakfast and beauty routines >>>

Can you combine all your passion into one business? >>>

Dedication to something beautiful >>>

14 things you can do to have more people buy your creative products >>>

Lazy pizza dough >>>

Sara wrote about whether or not to share skills on her blog >>>

7 ways to grow your email list >>>

Etsy Halloween treasuries – want everything! >>>

Don’t know why I’ve never made stuffed peppers, but these look really good >>>

You’ll never be this cool: Women of a certain age edition >>>

30 lessons on selling $30 million worth of ebooks >>>


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    Love that so many people are being so open about pricing and rates! Thank you so much for sharing my link in this great roundup. <3 I'm off to read all of the other amazing things listed.