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This week was for recovering from last week’s show and preparing for two more. This time instead of intense rehearsals and costume creation it was all about contracts, insurance and logistics. We’ve also been prepping students and the studio for the showcase, which is today!

Per usual, no Halloween parties for me (someday I will attend a party that I’m not working!), so I want to know what all you dressed up as this year!

Leah interviewed me for her site Freelance to Freedom >>>

Did you see the new campaign that shows what the world really thinks of women? >>>

Totally impressed by Veronica Varlow’s Kickstarter campaign. She’s completely nailed how to get people to support a project – make them feel an emotional connection >>> Start With Why is a great book that talks all about this >>>

Love this DIY fall leaves garland >>>

Business lessons from eating out >>>

Corina wrote about the hard times when you’re a freelancer >>>

Watched the movie Burlesque – it got terrible reviews but I loved it! >>>

Another fall reading list >>>

My idea of a good Halloween movie >>>

9 Questions to help you find your dream career >>>

Currently reading Allegiant >>>


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    Allegiant! I am dying to read that. One of my friends is heading down to Guatemala from the states and has promised to bring a copy. Is it amazing? Best wishes with your shows!