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good witch / bad witch

This week…

+ A lady at Starbucks complimented my client and I on our costumes…we were not wearing costumes…

+ I went to a Halloween party where I didn’t have to wear spandex or climb anything (aka work)

+ We performed at a benefit for a museum

+ I added a new template to the shop and started on the site for a local pie company

+ Today Shane and I are headed to Frankenmuth (Michigan’s little Bavaria) for dinner with my family and shopping :)

A really good post about blogging and business and life and making changes and listening to yourself >>>

I watched Friends With Benefits this week and kinda loved it (ok, I watched it twice) >>>

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11 hand-drawn circle graphics >>>

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Halloween is over, but maybe next year we’ll be a robber + a bag of money >>>

Love Sarah’s ‘every damn day’ list >>>

Stop asking ‘what’s next’ >>>

Pumpkin pie in a mug >>>

Pumpkin swirl brownies (paleo & gluten free) >>>

30 weird things that are normal to Americans (pickles!) (via Mandy) >>>

7 Facebook changes to know about for a better strategy >>>

Say hello to my newest sponsor Penn Avenue Eyewear – I’ve got a giveaway from them coming up soon! >>>


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  1. says

    Thanks for including my brownies link! I love the new template you added…every time you have something new for WordPress, I get an itch to make a new website just so I can use the template.
    I wish I’d seen that robber and bag of money costume last night, as I frantically searched for couples costume ideas 30 minutes before a party!

  2. says

    “A lady at Starbucks complimented my client and I on our costumes…we were not wearing costumes…”

    This made me laugh. I remembered the opposite, where during the days of drama school my friend and I went for a coffee run in costume. (Don’t tell our class master…) We were “period drama peasant girls” in a ridiculous sketch, so sorta like this:$(KGrHqN,!qMFJE!u46F5BSTrFUQ+Eg~~60_35.JPG
    .. but with much more skirt and less decolletage and earthier tones.
    ANYWAY, so the coffee lady non-ironically complimented us on our outfits and asked where we got the blouses from. “A second hand shop just down the road, over the corner there,” blurted my friend as we didn’t want to offend the dramatic fashionable inclinations of our barista.