10 ways to make your day better

10 ways to make your day better from XOSarah.com

No matter how terribly your day starts (your alarm didn’t go off, your car won’t start, you got called into the boss’s office, spilled lunch on your favorite shirt, someone is being a total jerk), you can always turn things around. Here are 10 ways to start over and make your day a little bit better…

A dessert date or day drinking – outside on a patio or some place with a view preferably

A super sweaty workout – p90x cardio or a rousing hour in the sack always works

Hang out with kids or animals – I’m sure your friends will let you borrow one of theirs

Naptime – napping with someone you love doubles its power

A bath – who cares if you’ve already showered, hot water and bubbles make everything better

Good deeds – doing something nice for someone else will make you feel better about yourself (send flowers, a card, shovel snow or scrape cars, call your mom, pay for the person in line behind you)

Buy yourself a little prize – a lip gloss, nail polish, a cheap sparkly ring, a new book

A mid-day movie – try 10 Things I Hate About You, Crazy Stupid Love or Friends with Benefits (keep it light!)

Get dressed up – skip the jeans no matter where you’re going. Red lipstick always helps too

Plan something for after work / Cancel your plans to stay in – having something to look forward to always lifts my spirits

What’s your sure-fire way to make a bad day good?

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  1. says

    Such a timely post, I’ve done several things on that list to cheer up recently!

    I love immersing myself in my favorite hobby: cooking. Thankfully that means I emerge with a fridge stocked with prepared meals, which means I can take it easy for at least a couple days afterward. Double stress-relief!

  2. says

    Reel Big Fish’s “Everything Sucks” album is my go-to for any sort of bad day. No matter the level or type of crap mood, it’s always good for lifting the spirits. Upbeat, with a good amount of “fuck it”s and a whole bunch of ridiculousness. That and running around the yard with my always-stoked-on-life dog.

  3. says

    Showers and Baths are Lifesavers for me. Also, my family’s answer to any ailment and worry happens to be a tentative “Would you like some tea?”. And I swear – it works. Also getting outside helps me a lot, especially after hours of staring at the screen, and generally catering to what I term “my basic needs”. http://mindflight.me/are-you-taking-care-of-the-basics/
    Sometimes it’s also great to just acknowledge that the day is crap, I’m not able to make it better and to go back to bed at midday. Sometimes it’s the best thing to do :)

  4. says

    For me, it’s always more coffee. Time spent outdoors helps, too. If I’m having a bad day, I just walk out the door, and keep walking until I start to feel better. It helps me to remember that there’s a whole world outside of whatever is stressing me out, and it makes it seem so much less important.


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