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Thank you for all the birthday wishes and sweet comments on my last post! It’s good to hear that my advice is on track from all of you over 30 :)

I’m admittedly really terrible with birthdays – I get super crabby for no reason at all. So I think Shane was a bit nervous when he arrived to pick me up for birthday dinner and I was not entirely in a state to be around people (aka I cried the second he walked in the door >_<).

He plied me with a dozen roses and a giant make-up kit and told me jokes all the way to the restaurant where he’d “booked a table for two.” LIES! The hostess led us to the back of the restaurant, past all the tables, and through a pair of doors where my family and friends were all waiting to surprise me. I’m still feeling lucky to have such a sneaky and sweet bunch of people in my life.

I’m gonna get a little sappy and say I’ve never dated someone so caring and thoughtful before. Shane kept it a secret from me for months! He has an impressive talent for cheering me up even though I can be a stubborn brat sometimes. (My mother will attest to that!) He gives really good advice when I’m trying to figure things out for my business. He takes care of me, takes care of his mother, and my heart pretty much explodes watching him crawl around the living room floor with one daughter and then patiently help the other one with her reading/writing homework. With everything he does his intentions and heart and always pointed in the right direction. He works incredibly hard to make sure his girls and happy and have everything they need and somehow still has time to make me feel like an important part of his life. I feel majorly grateful and lucky every single day. #barf

Today we’re headed to my parents to hang out with all my crazy relatives and gorge ourselves on the over FIVE dozen pierogi my mom and I made last night.

And now I’m done being a total cheese-ball, so here are a few of my fave posts from this week :)

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