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This week was for…

+ days spent on the couch in my pjs working on nothing but design mock-ups and business building ideas. A redesign for SillyGrrl is coming soon :)

+ Wednesday night tv/movie night – we watched Elysium and ate a lot of candy

+ finally finishing Allegiant. I liked it, but not as much as the first two. The 1st person point of view was a little confusing and the end was a little long.

+ date night. I made the most amazing (and easy!) apple cider and sage pork chops and we saw Alkaline Trio, H2O, and New Found Glory downtown.

+ teaching on Saturdays. I feel productive all morning and never guilty for coming home with fast food and watching TV the rest of the day :)

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  1. says

    I dig the new design – I find it a lot easier to read than the previous version.

    Question, if you don’t mind. Is there a reason you went with “read more” links for posts, or shorter “blocks” just fit the layout better?

    • says

      Thanks Leeanna! I switched to excepts for everything but the first post to make the site more scan-able. People come here for specific design/business information so I wanted to be able to include as many posts on the homepage as possible without it being a mile long. Also makes it easier to look for information on mobile.