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This week has been rough! Every day something went wrong. Three giant terrible things happened. The word hospital was mentioned far too many times. There was fighting and an enormous client issue. By the end of the week Shane and I were constantly texting each other, “WTF is the deal with this week??”

BUT – I’m not going write in detail about any of that crap. Everyone is ok, but I’m seriously over it. Only puppies and rainbows allowed next week.

Instead, here are my five favorite things that happened this week…

1. I parked it on the couch and finally outlined and started writing my next ebook (yay!) It’s going to be about starting your own design business. I’ve got 10 chapters laid out so far and am 7,000 words in, so if there’s anything you aspiring designers would like me to cover, let me know!

2. We have a guest aerialist teaching at the studio this week and I’ve learned a bunch of new conditioning techniques and a new trick that I’m determined to nail.

3. Wednesday movie night is always on my list. It’s my mid-week break set aside for reading books before bedtime with the kiddos and getting to hang out and do nothing with Shane.

4. I went to my parent’s house for dinner and my mom practically cooked a five course meal. I think she’s a little tired of cooking only for my dad, so I’ll have to get over there more often.

5. I had two new students in my Saturday morning aerial class and I think they loved it!

And now more good stuff…

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    Sorry to hear about your shitty week- good attitude with the rainbows & puppies next week! Thanks for the “Myth of Job Security” shout out :)

  2. says

    Sorry about your crappy week. But yay for a new one. And I love going home becuase my mom is the same way to, AMAZING meals!!
    And on a side note, since finding your website I have been slowly but surely fixing my blog! So thanks for your awesomenss!

  3. says

    1. You take the best self-portraits. 2. I’m sorry this was such a crummy week! and 3. Good on you for focusing on the positive. It seems like there were some special bright spots in the clouds!

  4. says

    Oh man, that sucks, sorry to hear about that. I’m sure the next week will be amazing. (Or at least less crap.) Hope everything sorts itself out.

    Can I tell you I’m impressed you manage to have a truly rubbish week and still manage to keep your shit together and teach classes and sit down and start writing an e-book? You’re amazing!

    And may I refer you to this great post I read the other day by a really great boss business lady: ;)


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    Thanks for the link to 4 things a really productive person does every day. Fortunately I already had 3 of those down…. But I’ve always viewed time as my enemy. I’m sure this is because I have been chained to a desk for the past 5 years, and any work I did from home was for my corporate job. Time became my enemy because I never had enough of it to do the things that truly make me happy.

    I now have a sticky note on my monitor to remind me that time is my friend, which is especially important now that I have made the escape.

    Also – I’m sorry to hear you had a crappy week. Hopefully all of the bad things are done and now you can move on to rainbows and puppies for many weeks to come.

    • says

      Thanks Lauren :) The bad is getting better already. And you will definitely have a better relationship with time when it’s all your own and you get to dictate how you use it!

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    I think you and I hit the same shitty week wave, because I was a ball of stress last friday. I did nothing but blog stuff and drink tea, oh and an awesome painting pottery date with a close friend. Creativity and friends, best combo ever. Heres to a new week!