Design tips for your Etsy shop

The holiday rush has already started, so it’s a good idea to check over your shop and make sure it’s in shape! I know there isn’t a ton of design flexibility within Etsy, but you can still do a few things to make your listings stand out from the crowd.

Use the full header space for your shop banner

It’s a small space, so create a banner that is bold, bright and easy to read. Use photos or imagery from your shop to give new visitors a sense of your style. Check out these headers from The Busy Bee, Raw Bone Studio, and The Gnaked Gnome.

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Choose consistent design elements

Give all your photos the same background, color palette and font treatments. If you sell products in a range of colors try using a single background pattern when photographing items. Notice how JarosDesigns uses two neutral textured backgrounds for every photo and displays each piece of jewelery at the same size.


Break up the text with headings

Breaking up the text not only helps your page look a little unique, but also helps potential buyers find important information. If you’re like me and sell items that include lots of features and instructions (that people often fail to read), adding headings will help them scan for the most important information. Try uppercase headings, bulleted lists or dividing text with dotted or dashed lines like SuperVinylDecal.


Fill in your about page

You can find this option under Info & Appearance. It allows you to include a full shop bio and feature yourself and whomever else may be working behind the scenes along with a large slideshow of images. Check out a well-designed About page from Love & Knit.


The most important factor in a well curated shop is to be consistent. Choosing one style for your graphics, photos and listings will help your shop look more inviting and professional and hopefully encourage more sales!

Also check out 12 things I’ve learned from running an Etsy shop AND click this link to open your own shop and get 40 free listings for you and 40 free listings for me!


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  1. Collette says

    Great blog post, Sarah! And thanks for sharing your referral link, I used it yesterday to open my shop!