Blog Love


This week was for…

+ spending the night at my parents and working while watching the snow fall and my mom baked cookies

+ finding the perfect cute, warm and waterproof snow boots

+ watching Kooza on Hulu and getting inspired to be more bendy

+ a sushi date with a bunch of lady friends

+ launching another blog template…you can probably guess what kind of weather we’ve been having

+ packed aerial classes – taught SIX this week plus two open studios. Looks like we’re gonna have to add another basic class to the schedule in Jan!

– – – – – – – –

Because I NEEEED more leggings >>>

Love this Christmas tree made of books >>>

Cute idea for connecting with friends or family far away >>>

7 ways to add value >>>

Alexandra Franzen answer a bunch of questions and is, as usual, inspiring >>>

The truth about being an ideaholic >>>

An interview with Kris Carr on how to tell your story to build a business and make a difference >>>

20 surefire ways to anger a creative – #13 was my nightmare when I worked corporate (via Vanessa) >>>

How to work long periods at your desk and come out healthy >>>

My favorite new matte lip gloss >>>

Say hello to my newest sponsor Frikken Duckie! >>>


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  1. says

    I recently found your blog and am so glad I did. I love how you are so willing to help people get their blogs/websites in order. I have used tons of the tips you have given. This is my first time seeing your Blog Love posts. Cant’ wait to check them out.