Time for a change


Over the past week I’ve been redesigning my portfolio site for the launch of my blog consulting packages and ebooks. In the process (and after a boss business lady Twitter convo) I’ve decided to move my blog over to my portfolio, so everything will be housed under my XO Sarah brand. I’ve been SillyGrrl since 2008, but I’m starting to grow out of that name.

I originally created separate sites to give my personal posts a little distance from my design business, but over the past year my posts have leaned mostly toward the business side of things anyway. And adding a constantly updated blog and lots more personality to my portfolio site will definitely help my business.

I’m shooting to switch everything over by Jan 1st. SillyGrrl will stay online for a while with a link to my new site and RSS feed. Twitter and Instagram (debating on ditching Facebook because of this) will switch automatically and I’ll be merging my mailing lists. And sponsors, you’re coming over to the new site too :)

How convenient that I wrote a post on this very subject a few weeks ago >>>

I’ll still have a few posts here before I move, so don’t leave just yet!



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    Woohoo!! I’m in the same exact boat. Switching everything over to my new brand/name soon as well! I too feel like I’ve grown out of “srslyliz”. Cheers to growing up and out!

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      Cheers! It’s definitely time, running two sites add extra work and I think people will respond well to a little more personality with my brand. I see all these business and life coaches doing it really well, so it’s time to give it a shot!

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    psst, the FB link is botched. I’ve been thinking about dropping FB myself because of the change. I only have a measly ~260 likes, but I worked my butt off to get those, so I’m not sure whether to just give up or not.

    Do you think you might do a post on it?

    Good luck on the move, although I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

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      Thanks for letting me know about the link, all fixed. I probably won’t post about Facebook. I never put enough time into building a content plan and now that they’ve changed how users will receive content it just seems like too much effort for so little return.

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    Reading the post through, I became more and more excited for you. It feels as though you have found a clear direction and are stronger for it. Congratulations on taking the leap!