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In the midst of working my buns off to get the new site ready to launch, I’ve come down with a wicked cold/flu. Today is the first day I’ve felt better since Christmas and I’m chalking it up to dosing myself with Nyquil around 2pm Friday afternoon. As much as my abs are tired from all this coughing I’m almost enjoying doing nothing, but sleeping and watching movies. I rarely take a guilt-free day off unless I’m sick. Though technically writing a blog post is still work, isn’t it??

Anyway, if you’re struck down by the flu anytime soon I highly recommend The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Swedish extended version. Each one is about three hours long, which ate up my Saturday quite nicely!

How to find next year’s plan in last year’s review >>>

Mulled wine is the best thing ever >>>

A unicorn-themed party…shut up >>>

3 ways to prepare for a career change >>>

And that’s all the links you get this week because I’m tired and I’m going back to watching movies ;)


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    I loved the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series! It was so good. We didn’t marathon through it when we watched it but we definitely went through it fast because it was so good. I hope you get back to 100% soon! Take care of yourself and good luck working on the new blog launch!

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    Hi! Hope you feel better soon! :) Also, I’m very excited to tell you that I’ve reached my blogging goal! I got really motivated to reach it before New year’s eve after reading your post in November about blogging goals. So now I’m off to a new year with new goals for the blog.
    Thanks for an inspiring blog!

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    Everyone talks about those Girl with a….books. I have no idea what they even about but the weather here has been horrible and I am in need of another good book to read. Maybe I should venture out and try reading something new. Hope you start feeling like your usual self!!

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    Unicorns!!! <3
    Hope you're feeling better and indeed – mulled wine IS the best thing ever in winter time. It's a pity it's not common in Madrid. Back home (Estonia) it's THE drink to have during holiday season.