In 2013 I…

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It’s time for an end of the year high five to myself. While the past two months have been impressively shitty, I spent at least 10 months of the year kicking ass. So to send myself into 2014 with a big reminder that it wasn’t all bad, here are my most badass moments of this year…

+ Celebrated one year of making the escape from my soul-crushing corporate job
+ Began teaching aerial again at a new space that is inspiring and encouraging
+ Helped over 50 students conquer their fears and earn their wings
+ Went to the Tigers opening day and got myself a wicked sunburn
+ Started eating meat again and rekindled my love affair for bacon and Wendy’s
+ Performed with Salt N Pepa…still amazed by that one!
+ Spent a day prancing around downtown Detroit with a pile of clowns
+ Rocked Theatre Bizarre as bearded ladies with my Weird Sisters
+ Had a silly pool party/sleepover with all my aunts and girl cousins
+ Performed at a street fair in Canada and in a teeny tiny mountain town in NY
+ Saw Metallica, Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, Rancid, and Fall Out Boy live
+ Got a big tattoo on my thigh
+ Sold over 160 templates and launched over 25 client sites
+ Put together three new routines, one of which involved a hilarious spinning/screaming duo rehearsal and another that began with a sexy chair/fan dance

For 2014 I want to challenge myself and test my limits (aka add some scary new tricks to my repertoire), learn something new, get out of the state more often, be more focused and organized in my work so I can play more fiercely, and have more moments of connection and falling down laughter.

Cheers to a new year and I’ll see you over on the brand new tomorrow!!



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  1. says

    “be more focused and organized in my work so I can play more fiercely” I think society as a whole needs more of this! Cheers to an amazing 2014!

  2. says

    I’m dying over here. “Soul crushng corporate job”, I’m living that dream right now, ha. You’ve had an amazing year. Cheers to 2014 being just as great!

    Happy New Year.