Six of the best WordPress plugins for your small business

Six of the best WordPress plugins for your small business

Today I want to share a few WordPress plugins I’ve stumbled upon lately that would be super helpful for those of you running your own business. Plugins are easy to install, easy to customize, and add cool features to your blog even if you don’t know a thing about coding!

Testimonials by Aihrus

You can see this plugin in action at the bottom of my site. You add testimonials like you would a new post and then edit the widget to show the client’s name, website, job title, location etc. If you run any sort of business you definitely want to add testimonials somewhere on your site!

WP Backup to Dropbox

No more worrying if you’re going to lose years and years of blog posts and pictures. This plugin allows you to set the date and time to automatically backup your blog to Dropbox.

WordPress Notification Bar

You’ve seen these on just about everyone’s site. That little bar at the top reminding you to subscribe or sign up for an email list. I love these because they are obvious, yet unobtrusive and you can easily make it match the design of your site!

Contact Form 7

I always advocate for giving users the option to contact you directly through email – it’s more personal than a form. But if you find yourself asking every person for the same information add a contact form to get it all up front.


Add a live chat feature for online customer service. Users just click the Live Chat button and they’re connected to you or your help desk immediately!

Author Avatars List

If you’ve got a bunch of blog contributors this is a great way to display them all in one spot. You can add this feature to a post/page or a sidebar widget and show specific groups or hide inactive authors.

And just a reminder! Plugins make your blog heavier and can slow it down, so the rule is – only add plugins that are absolutely necessary to making your site awesome (and you can’t do with css/javascript) and delete plugins you’re no longer using. Don’t add things like the Awesome Weather Widget unless you own a boating company and weather is integral to the success of your business. Actually still don’t at that – people can check the weather anywhere!

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  1. says

    I’d like to throw in that Contact Form 7 isn’t exactly the best plugin to use — if they use JetPack, it’s best to use the form built in. CF7’s got a lot of security vulnerabilities, as it’s easy to hack. There are a number of SQL injections for it, thus it shouldn’t be used by someone just starting out with WordPress, etc. if it’s going to be used by anyone. Although it’s been updated to be more secure and whatnot, its track record and the talk of it on hacker forums warn otherwise.

    Just a note!

    • sarah says

      I don’t love the JetPack forms. I use it for people to send questions and I get an enormous amount of spam because it doesn’t have a filter.


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