Blog Love + the ebook giveaway winner!


First up, the most important announcement, the winner of the very first copy of How to Double Your Blog Traffic in 90 Days (or less!) is Ali from The Happy VA! Congrats!! You’ll receive your ebook via email tomorrow morning! (All the peeps on my mailing list will be able to get their hands on the book tomorrow as well – so sign up if you haven’t already! And then it launches to the rest of the world on TUESDAY!)

Besides spending the week finishing the ebook I’ve been doing only one other thing – aerial. Irina is out of town so I taught all of the classes, which meant fives days, three rehearsals, two open studios, and eight classes. Therefore my brain and my body are both totally melted right about now.

And so I will leave you with lots of links!

What to do when your client is wrong >>>

Really really great talk from Bri Emery on her professional journey (I took notes – it’s that good) >>>

5 Reasons you should do handstands every day >>>

A great thing to tell yourself when you’re worrying about a million things >>>

You need to learn how to stop validating your existence through action.

Why Kate is learning back this year instead of leaning in >>>

Why new features usually flop >>>

Best selling books that were initially rejected >>>

Jared Leto is on Instagram (you’re welcome) >>>


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  1. says

    i love your link round ups! i know you do a blog love series but i would love to see a post sometime about your favorite must-read blogs :)

    and that “90% of requested microsoft features were already there” fact kind of blew my mind! definitely something to keep in mind even just in regards to blog design (or future online shop design, in my case!).

    good luck on your ebook launch— eep!

    • sarah says

      I can definitely post a list of my must-read blogs – just added it to my calendar! That Microsoft fact blew my mind too! It’s definitely making me look at my site and make sure everything my readers are looking for is easy to find.