7 must-read blogs for career and life inspiration

7 Must-read blogs for career and life inspiration

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who picked up the book so far. I got so excited every time a notification popped up on my phone! If you haven’t picked it up yet, it will be available at the discounted rate through Sunday!

Since I’m still decompressing after a week glued to my computer, I thought I’d answer a quick question from Jenna who wanted to know what my must-read blogs were. Here ya go!

KATE NORTHRUP: Kate writes about making money, saving money, and creating financial freedom through your business while taking care of internal money issues as well. Check out 3 simple steps to stop making it so freaking hard6 specific ways I make money and the beauty of multiple streams of income, 4 ways to make financial planning feel good

CUP OF JO: I’ve been reading her for years. Not exactly business or blogging ideas, but I’m always inspired by her authentic voice and the types of posts she comes up with. (Fun fact: We grew up in the same town and I went to high school with her brother) Check out Blogging as a career, Renting houses on vacation, Motherhood around the world

BETTY MEANS BUSINESS: Another Kate on my list handing out great advice for owning and growing your business. Check out How to explain what you do, 7 ways to add value, 5 ways to build trust with clients

ALEXANDRA FRANZEN: This is one of my favorite favorites. Every single post is inspiring, uplifting and makes me get a little deeper into my thought process. Check out An infinite list of reasons to be happy, Can you chat with a girlfriend? Then you’re really good at sales, 100 questions to inspire rapid self discovery

MARIE FORLEO: Of course! I just love watching her videos. Not only does this lady know what she’s talking about, but she always has really cool guests. And sometimes just her excitement gets me motivated no matter what she’s talking about. Check out 5 steal-worthy branding strategies, 4 steps to set goals with soul, Burnt out vs. time for a change

THE RED LEMON CLUB: So much good info for all you freelancers and creatives. Plus, super cute illustrations! Check out 12 ways to amp up your creative career by doing less, How to be a time pro and create 20 extra hours every week, 12 lifestyle changes guaranteed to boost your creative productivity

THE MIDDLE FINGER PROJECT: Really great business and marketing advice from some ladies that are not afraid to get in your face and swear a lot. Check out What you say is more important than what you sell, Caution: do not pitch yourself like this ever, Success doesn’t sit around on its ass, so what are you doing? 

Ok, your turn – what are your top three must-read blogs?

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing Sarah! I’m always looking for inspiring bloggers to add to my list. I’ve been reading more “small” bloggers lately, but some of the “bigger” ones I like are And Kathleen, The Fresh Exchange, an A House in the Hills.

  2. says

    OMG. The Middle Finger Project. So much yes. I appreciate anyone who can dispense advice with all the swear words deserved by sometimes-magical-sometimes-pain-in-the-ass small business ownership.

  3. Éadaoin says

    My top three blogs are, in no particular order, yours, And Kathleen and Braid Creative. I know Kathleen is half of Braid but they’re quite different blogs-albeit with the same authentic voice. MFP, Marie Forleo and The Symmetric are next in line. I’m all about straight talking ladies!

  4. says

    I’m falling in love with your blog. Every. Single. Post. Is. Gold!

    I’ve decided to do a partial escape too (going back to school for what I love and leaving a 9-5 job). Your posts are inspiring and confirming that the choices I’ve made in going back to school are right for me.

    I’m also starting a blog (to talk about the transition from a job to grad school, international education (what I’m going to school for), and just travel in general), so your blog posts are seriously helpful! Signed up to hear more about the Badass Babes Blog Club — can’t wait!

  5. says

    I’m also a big fan of Kate & Marie. Others that I like to read are Mark and Angel Hack Life, Terri Cole and Zen Habits.
    Thanks for the awesome blog, Sarah! :)