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This week was for…a mad search to find a dress for my brother’s wedding (currently seven dresses at my house, two are a maybe / shoot me), lunch and girl talk with my mom and aunts, watching Almost Time (surprisingly cute and touching, not what I though it would be about), eating giant burgers and hanging with my fave biz buddy, dancing to Reggie and the Full Effect, working working working on getting the B3 E-Course ready (did you apply for a scholarship yet??) and building a new WordPress template for the shop.

And apparently in order to stay on the computer for as long as I do I need glasses to keep my eyes from feeling like they’re gonna fall out of my head!

I was over on Kaelah’s blog yesterday sharing how I got started in aerial >>> and talked tattoos with Sarah on The Laughing Medusa >>>

50 ideas for social media content >>>

Currently reading Hallow City, the second novel after Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children >>>

Why smart people under perform and what to do about it >>>

44 stock photos that hope to change the way we look at women >>>

3 ingredients in best selling ebook titles >>>

Resources for continuing your graphic design education >>>

6 signs you’ve got what it takes >>>

How to get clear and honest about what you offer before you start hustling >>>

3 ways to become and effective entrepreneur >>>

50 self-promotion tips >>>

Shirley Temple cake??? YES! >>>


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  1. Rachel says

    Love the links. And btw, do you dye your hair? (Just wondering how you get that intense amazing color!) And do you wear sunscreen/have skin care tips? You have amazing skin too!