3 simple ways to remind readers they’re awesome

3 simple ways to remind readers they're awesome from XOSarah.com

You can publish post after post, but we all know blogging isn’t much fun until you gain a few readers. Creating a connection is what it’s all about, so whether you’ve got 10 or 10,000, here are a few easy ways to show yours readers, fans, and followers some love.

Be responsive

Making a habit of responding to questions, @ replies, and saying thank you when someone shares one of your posts is definitely one of the 10 commandments of blogging. The easiest way to show your readers you appreciate them is by responding on a regular basis.

Ask for opinions

People love to feel like they’re part of something, so seeing their comments featured might make them feel pretty special. I like to ask for opinions on Twitter and include the responses in my posts. Not only am I giving some traffic to my readers, but I’m also sharing some great ideas outside of my own.

Feature them

Every week when I gather links for Blog Love, I take a spin through my blog commenter and Twitter followers sites in search of something cool to include. I know I get a little giddy when one of my links is shared on a blog that I follow and I love promoting the awesome projects and posts you all come up with!

How do you send your readers a digital high five?

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    Hi Sarah, I’m not sure I’ve commented on your blog before but I know I have mentioned you on mine. You write such lovely bits of blogging inspiration and tips.

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    I like to ask for opinions on my blog…I’ve never thought about doing that on Twitter, but I will now. That’s a GREAT idea. I just posted a 1959 scrapbook that I am going to preserve and I would love to have reader input to use in the post when I show it complete. That would be such a great group project…me and my readers! Thank you, thank you!

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    Those are some nice tips! I’d also add visiting their blogs and either leaving a comment in one of their posts or mention them on twitter letting them know you liked something you’ve red on their blog. While this might not be possible to do for everyone, doing it every now and then doesn’t take much time. Chances are that you were anyways browsing some blogs you already follow, but doing this can also help you find new, awesome blogs/content and maybe even start a new friendship!