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This week was all about internet shopping in preparation for my brother’s wedding/mini vacation. My dining room table is loaded with boxes and I bet the UPS man thinks I’m nuts because he’s been at my house every single day this week. But I finally have the dress, shoes, a new bikini and replaced my handbag because the straps were breaking off the old one. Phew! I also conquered a cold, performed at an AIDS benefit, and prepped students all week for the showcase, which is tonight! Definitely time for a vacation!

This week I was interviewed by Witty Title Here for a series called The “Lucky” Ones >>> and stopped by The Coaching Blueprint to talk about prioritizing content on your homepage to lower your bounce rate >>>

Jenny Blake is one smart lady and this is a great interview with her >>>

How millionaires manage their time >>>

A post on making the leap from a job you’ve been at for years >>>

3 things aerial students do that drive their teachers insane (yes, yes, and yes haha) >>>

A great list of WordPress plugins >>> (remember, plugins slow your site down, so only add those with the maximum amount of awesome & you can’t do by coding)

How to use Google webmaster tools in a non-overwhelming way >>>

7 ways to make small business taxes suck less >>>

How to trick yourself into making ballsy moves >>>


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    • sarah says

      Thanks for writing that post! I’m now thinking about trying to do my own taxes this year since I keep extremely good records of profits/expenses.

  1. says

    Thanks for sharing my post on Google Webmaster Tools! I hope it was indeed low on overwhelm.

    And that last one… taxes – don’t remind me! Who wants to exchange doing taxes for some analytics and spreadsheets consulting?! ;)

  2. Carly says

    Thanks so much for sharing my post on Stratejoy! Deciding to stray from the path you’ve been on for so long into the big, unknown future is so intimidating. But the adventure is exhilarating at the same time!