A quick tip to create a blogging game plan

A quick tip to create a blogging game plan from XOSarah.com

After transferring all of my blog content to XO Sarah, I spent some time updating photos and categories. I went through probably 75 percent of my content, deleted a lot of stuff, and unexpectedly ended up with a really clear picture of what I want my blog to be.

When I look back I want to see more photos me and friends/family doing stuff and less posts with random photos from the internet. I’ll be ditching product round-ups and image heavy tutorials and focusing more on writing longer, more thoughtful (and helpful!) pieces with descriptive titles. And from my early years of blogging, no more mindless posts about nothing just for the sake of posting. (there were so many of those >_<)

Having the past six years of my life heavily documented is pretty awesome, but since most of my posts are now blogging and business-related I think it’s time for me to get back to writing in a journal on a regular basis.

If you’ve hit a blogging rut I highly recommend checking out your blogging past to help you envision the future. If you were to turn your blog into a book, which types of posts would make the cut and which would be headed for the trash?


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    I should find the time to do that aswell! Might do that when I move my blog to a .com :)
    A new blog look also helps me to keep my blog fresh and with better content.

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    I noticed something similar when I imported my old posts to my new site. Only a handful of my categories made the move with me, and I was given an unexpectedly clear picture of what this new site would focus on. Love it!

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    I redid my blog at the beginning of the year along with my “game plan” and my ideas are very similar to yours. Thanks for sharing, makes me feel like I’m going in a good direction.

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    Ha! I had big ideas about turning my blog into a book. I kind of imagined that, having worked at it for a couple of years (with no set posting schedule for most of that time, and some really big gaps!) I’d just have to pull it together and give it a light dusting. I didn’t realise just how repetitive it was – there were a few cases where I had multiple blog posts saying pretty much exactly the same thing, except I’d learned a bit more or changed my opinion a bit since the last one. I’ve since done a massive clean-out and deleted a lot of those old ‘I’m still figuring out what I think about this’ posts. :)

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    I just did this. My goal at the beginning of the year was to post more. I even had a schedule, but at the end of the day I really wasn’t feeling it. I have a clearer direction in what i want to blog about and I’m not putting pressure on myself.

    I love the balance between your business/blogging tips and personal life. Keep it up!

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    Awesome post! We are constantly changing/updating our blog. Taking better photos and replacing all those horrible ones, streamlined our categories and the over all feel of the blog. And there is still more to do, but I love it : )