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Apartment is nailed down, going away parties were had, and the countdown is on…I leave in FOUR days. My stomach did a little excited/terrified flip just typing that. Holy crap this whole thing when from an idea to reality fast! I just keep telling myself that no matter what goes wrong, in a week I’ll be there and settled, and done with having a 500 item to-do list for quite a while. I CANNOT WAIT to sleep in my own bed again! Cramming as much as I can into my last few days here including taking all of today off to do nothing! Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend too xoxo

Miranda wrote about her experience in the Badass Babes E-Course (which opens for registration TOMORRRRRROW) >>>

How to remember other people’s names (I’ve gotten good at this from teaching especially since I’m learning 5 or 6 new names at once! Every time I look at the person I repeat their name in my head.) >>>

3 ways you’re pushing clients away from your biz >>>

Crazy ways to break bad aerial habits >>>

How to take a summer vacation from your blog >>>

10 phrases you need to ban from client emails FOREVER >>>

Why things don’t sell and how to fix it >>>

Just finished reading #GIRLBOSS – loved it, definitely recommend if you need some biz inspiration >>>

How to be an introvert and work from home without becoming a hermit >>>

Why ‘yeah sure’ isn’t good enough >>>


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