Badass Babes registration is OPEN!!

Badass Babes Blog Club + E-Course

It’s time! I’ve built a brand new site, the blog club is rockin’, I’ve re-worked the e-course, and I’m ready to take on new students!

Registration will be open until Sunday, June 29 at midnight ET, but remember, in order to give everyone and their blogs individual attention I’m only taking on 15 e-course members at a time – so if you want in, you best get on it!

You can find the site and all the info for both the e-course and the blog club at

And yes, I will be giving away two scholarships like I did last session! Look for the info here next week (If you purchase your spot before then and win I will issue a refund)

I’m super excited to hangout with more of you and help you give your blogs a massive kick in the butt!


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  1. says

    Hi Sarah,
    First I wanted to say Thank You for taking a look at my blog on Fix it Friday and for your suggestion. I m definitely going to check out your new E-course and club. I like to consider myself a badass babe. :-)
    Thanks again and have a safe trip out west, I think you will love San Diego, my daughter and I love it. I am in Los Angeles out by Venice and the Marina, so if you get up this way, would love to take you for coffee and or lunch. Take care of yourself and your dog.
    In Kindness,