I’m back!


I’m in San Diego, getting settled in my little apartment, and I finally have internet!!

The cross country drive was absolutely breath-taking and I was so glad to have pro-map reader/driver/snack buyer Beth as my co-pilot. Even Slayer ended up being a pretty good traveling buddy.

As bumpy as the road to leaving Michigan was, the drive ended up being the easiest part. Four days in the car took us through a hail storm on the west side of Michigan (of course it couldn’t just give us a sunny farewell >_<), the fields of corn and wind turbines in Nebraska, cacti and tumble weeks in Colorado. We listened to old timey bluegrass as we passed through the rockies and rolled down the windows to shoot tons of photos of the mountains in Utah (by far my favorite part!). After a late night arrival in Vegas, complete with pitch black roads and creepy alien stories, Beth hopped on a flight home and I drove the last leg into California alone.

By the time I pulled into San Diego I was practically high off my 6:45am wake-up call and 5 non-stop 80mph hours, so I was beyond happy to see my brother, Burkey and his sister waiting to help me move.

Four days in and I’ve located a really good pizza place, dipped my toes in the ocean, climbed up the Torry Pines cliffs, cried out of exhaustion and overwhelm, and felt really damn happy. My apartment is adorable and TINY – I hate it and love it at the same time. I’m excited to purge even more of my belongings and Pinterest my way to an efficient living space.

I signed up for my first aerial class tomorrow morning with this talented woman (that wheel down just kills me!), which I’m more excited for than expected. I haven’t been a student in over two years, so I’m really looking forward to being challenged again.

And now for the business part of things…


I’m going to extend registration until next THURSDAY, JULY 3rd because I was sans internet for longer than I hoped. Check back tomorrow for SCHOLARSHIP info! I’ll be giving away one spot for the e-course and one for the blog club. Remember, there’s limited space, so if you definitely want in, register now and I’ll refund your money should you win. I’ve already added a bunch of new babes to the blog club, so I hope you’ll join us too! Hop over to the Babes site for more info >>>

LIVE G+ Hangout

If you aren’t quite sold on the Badass Babes yet and want to pick my brain before you throw down the cash, you’re in luck! I’ll be hosting a free G+ event on TUESDAY, July 1 from 4:30 to 5:30pm PST. Hang with me LIVE and ask me about blogging, design, the babes, the e-course, and the blog club. Click here to join and submit your questions >>>

And now…photos :) (This is mostly Utah and Colorado)















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    My office manager just did a cross country trip on her motorcycle and she has the most amazing pictures of Utah. What a gorgeous state! Can’t wait to see what you have in store after such a big move!

  2. says

    I’m flying from MI out to San Diego in a few weeks for a friend’s wedding… if we had the time I’d love to make it a road trip instead, the views look amazing!

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    You’re going to love living in San Diego! My two favorite pizza places were Newport Pizza and Pizza Port, both in OB, and I miss them often, so thanks for bringing that up! ;) I lived there for two years before moving to Seattle and now Charleston. My husband and I ask each other what we were thinking all the time!

  4. says

    Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Roadtripping across the US is on my Bucket List, so these photos are perfect.

    Looking forward to hearing about new adventures.

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    Hi! I’m glad you’re back, since we’re so close (TJ, MX) I feel like a stalker now … You definitely should visit Little Italy