Why you need a weekly catch-up day

XOSarah.com / Save yourself from to-do list overwhelm, schedule a 'catch-up day'

Yesterday was my ‘catch up day.’ Mostly because it was too damn hot in my apartment to work, so post-aerial class (and Nordstrom Rack shopping spree) I lazed on the couch, watched TV, and tried to muster the energy to actually do something productive.

It wasn’t until 7pm, after a Badass Babes hangout, that the temp started to drop and I finally felt like working. But 7pm at night is not an ideal time for me to get creative or work on anything big, so it turned into the perfect chance to laze in bed and check off all those tiny tasks that I never have time for. Answered emails and Etsy convos, added new testimonials to the sidebar, Pinterested (very important!), scheduled e-course content, updated the Babes website, and did a little work on the XO redesign.

All the things that would normally be squeezed out by larger, more important tasks get their own special day (or maybe part of a day), so that I don’t have items forever piling up and stressing me out on my to-do list.

Do you have a catch-up day?


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  1. says

    I love catch-up days but I never seem to get enough done in them – because I don’t have them often enough! It’s definitely something that I should schedule more frequently.

  2. says

    I don’t call it catch up day, actually I don’t have a name for such days. But when I feel uninspired and don’t find the words for a new blogpost to maintain my blog, update my media kit, …

    • Sarah Morgan says

      My day allllmost went in that direction too haha Sometimes you just gotta take a break and watch movies all day :)

  3. says

    I don’t have a blogging catch up day, but I tend to use Saturday and Sunday as my catch up days from my Monday to Friday day job… I think that’s why I need the vacation I’m taking next week so badly.