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This week has gone by so fast. I dropped the bf off at the airport early Monday morning and then threw myself back into work. Updated my blog header, cranked out a client template, took four aerial classes in two days (even my callouses hurt), spent a day cuddling my 3-week-old niece and watching bad tv with my sister-in-law. Took myself on a food adventure on Coronado Island and ate lunch by the ocean. Rewarded myself with an iPad after a long day of work. And decided I needed to try rocking crop top, which apparently makes me look like a SoCal witch. All for using that as a style direction this summer!

A thoughtful post on turning blogging into a business >>>

Recovering from the freelance first year blues >>>

A really great post on crediting photos (via Kaelah) >>>

Pets interrupting yoga – Slayer likes to throw toys at me anytime I workout on the floor, so helpful! >>>

5 tips for working with clients that know nothing about websites >>>

Love this post on now pinning your worthiness to something you can’t control >>>

Thumbs up to Veronica’s treadmill rule >>>

15 email marketing hacks >>>

Dealing with hand pain in aerial (this showed up at the right time, my paws have been killing me for the past three weeks!) >>>


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    Love the new header, and thank you for all the links. Especially loved the first two! Also, not to be a pain, but it’s “5 tips for working with clients that KNOW nothing about websites”. :)