Notes to my younger self


Somewhere in my mid-twenties feeling out of place at a country bar

Sarah from Yes and Yes is truly one Badass Babe, so when she asked me to write a post for the launch of  The Post College Survival Kit, of course I said yes! You don’t have to wait till your thirties for a better job, a cuter apartment, financial stability, better relationships + friendships. So today I am sending a few reminders back to my 22-year-old self…

Be a little slutty

Oh that boy – the one in the band with the hair and the smile. The one you’ve been dating for four years now…he’s such a good guy, but kiss him goodbye (you won’t you’ll stick it out until year six). You’re 22 and cute and fun and you need to be dating a bunch of jerks so you can figure out what you want in a relationship and what you don’t. Get that shit out of the way now so you can avoid the guy with commitment issues and the guy with kids and the guy with an ex-wife later on and get to the guy that had his shit together sooner! (and of course wrap it up because we ain’t got time for babies over here – you’ve got shit to conquer!)

Hang on to your girlfriends

You had some really good girlfriends in your early twenties. Six of them to be exact and all six of them have since faded into your past. Some of them because you fought and didn’t put time into repairing your friendships, some of them because you found different interests and grew apart. There are a couple of those friendships you probably should have been more stubborn about holding on to, but closing in on 31 you’ll find yourself with an entirely new group of lady friends through aerial and blogging. Try to take a little better care of your friendships.

Save your pennies

Ok, you kind of kicked ass on this one. You knew you needed to earn more than you spent and saved your pennies. You avoided the dreaded post-college credit card bill and skipped all those beautiful pairs of shoes because you had your eyes on the prize. Good girl! You saved like a pro and bought yourself a house at 25. Pass GO and collect $200!

Don’t panic over the job

The job wasn’t so bad for the first few years. You learned how to better use Photoshop and Dreamweaver and how to think a step ahead of the boss, so you always looked awesome and on top of things. You learned how to deal with coworkers who emailed…and then called…and then stopped by your desk. (answer: turn off the ringer on your phone and go to the bathroom when you see the call light flashing) And, just like a relationship, you learned what you didn’t want. Yes, there was a moment of panic, but you’re gonna figure it out because…

Work hard and the right opportunities will show up

That thing you’re super passionate about – it will show up. So you worked at a corporate job for years and then panicked that it wasn’t the right path for you. Keep going, try new things, wiggle around in what you like and see if you can make your heart skip a beat. Don’t worry, it seems like you need to figure it out ASAP, but you don’t. There’s no time limit to nailing down your career and you can always change your mind (because you were smart and saved your pennies). You’re gonna be shocked when not one, but two amazing jobs show up and take you for a ride.

Learn to speak up

Learn to say no, tell people what you need, and ask for what you want. You got through high school and college staying relatively quiet, but once you’re out on your own you need to trust your voice. You will, slowly, but it will take a while to realize that people won’t judge you and more often than not, they’ll appreciate what you have to contribute. Also, I hate to tell you, but people can’t read you mind. If you need something or want something you have to ask for it.

Try everything

Take all the opportunities, all the risks, and say yes to everything. You’ve got more energy in your twenties then you’ll ever have, take advantage of it. Don’t be too responsible, don’t worry too much, just have adventures. At some point you’re gonna be a little more nailed down (not by 30 apparently), you’ll have less freedom (still not by 30), and if you stay up past midnight drinking you’ll feel like you were hit by a truck in the morning (yep, thanks 30!).

Hop over to Sarah’s site and check out the wisdom from a bunch of fantastic women who made past 25 and are still kicking ass  and check out The Post College Survival Kit! 


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  1. says

    I’m loving these collections of posts. Even at 26 you guys are all making really good points that can be applied past 22….that friends thing, I’m right there.

  2. says

    True, True. Thanks for being a bada** yourself and telling it like it is.

    My 20s were spent keeping my head down and working towards something that I really didn’t want simply because I felt like I had to do what everyone else was doing…even though everyone else was just as miserable as I was. It took way to long to figure that out (8 years). Now deep into my 30s, I am living life how I want.

  3. JAZZ says

    i wish to write something so good in my 30`s i’m still 28, i bought the house, i had a lot of fun, i lost some friends on the road -i cant deal with that yet- and i cant make the leap yet but yes, every day its an adventure!