Are you spending too much time on the what-ifs?

Are you spending too much time on the what-ifs?

When I talk about leaving my 9 to 5 job, people always ask, “Weren’t you afraid?” And I feel slightly bad, especially when it’s someone who is currently in a state of panic over making the escape, saying, “Nope. Not once.”

As the bf and I talked about this very thing yesterday, I tried to dissect why I didn’t feel fear among the excitement and stress of quitting.

My conclusion…I didn’t allow myself to go there. I didn’t get anywhere near worry or panic and I certainly did not play the ‘what if’ game. Because no one ever wins with ‘what-ifs.’ It’s pointless and a waste of time and if you’re working to leave your job I guarantee you have better things to think about!

Now, I absolutely considered crickets and tumbleweeds in my email, template sales falling short, my bank account drying up. Those are very real things we face as solopreneurs. But, what stopped me from descending into total panic was knowing through and through, without ever having to completely form the thoughts in my mind, that I’m a hustler and that I did not, under any circumstances want to find myself in a cubicle again.

So instead of heading toward the what-ifs, my brain automatically pointed me toward the I-woulds.

  • I would make more templates to boost shop sales
  • I would start consulting to add to my income
  • I would write guest posts every day to generate traffic
  • I would contact past clients to see what else I could do for them
  • I would sell my possessions to get some quick cash
  • I would eat in and walk/bike to save money
  • I would crank out an ebook or a workshop to build income
  • I would promote that I have space for a few extra clients

The I-woulds helped me feel in control, helped me create a backup plan, and helped me avoid worrying about things that hadn’t happened yet.

Feeling the what-ifs coming on? Get out your notebook and start writing a list of I-woulds instead – all the things that you, a badass hustlin’ babe, already have in your arsenal to keep you afloat.

Need some more inspiration for your escape? I’ve got a whole bunch right here >>>


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  1. says

    That’s exactly what’s keeping me from going over the edge now that I’ve put in my notice! I freaked out for the first couple days but now that the freaking out phase is over all I can think about is how successful I’ll be and how I’ll always hustle my ass off to keep money coming in. Great timing for this post ;)

    love ya! xx

  2. says

    You have a great attitude and I hope to turn my what-ifs into I-woulds as well! However, I think it’s totally normal for many people to feel fear when taking that leap and I don’t think anyone should feel bad about that (not that that’s what you’re saying, just wanted to add my two cents). The most important thing is to not let that fear take over. :) I feel scared every damn day, but I choose to ignore it, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to function!

    • Sarah Morgan says

      Agreed! This post was just a result of my trying to unravel why my brain works the way it does. There are plenty of other things that leave me shakin’ in my boots – just not leaving my job.