Reader Questions: Retiring aerial hardware, sore hands and stretching


Brittney said, Hi, I’m a circus instructor who’s moved to a small town and getting my own equipment to train and teach. I’ve been scouring the internet forever and reading everything I can before ordering the best hardware for my silks and trapeze. I’ve been wanting to have everything steel but so much is aluminum…. 

Aerial as Art


We performed at a benefit for a local art museum last week. We were off to the side of the main event space in a crazy-colored room. It was a quickie show and a little different than what we usually do. The music and the space made it feel like we were living, moving art…. 

Latest circus show photos


Just got back some beautiful photos from the last show I did. Yes, these are from a circus wrestling show, but I was positioned just right to get studio-like pictures! Thank you to the fantastic Red Riding Photography for making me look so good :)

Sideshow Shenanigans in Roxbury, NY


I’m currently recovering from a medication trying to murder me (horribly annoying, but I’m fine) so I thought I’d share a few photos from our last show as I get my energy and motivation back. We performed in a teeny-tiny town in the mountains where we stayed in an itty bitty motel with only one… 

International Circus


My internet went out Thursday night so you get a post on Saturday! Here are a few photos from last weekend’s show in Windsor. We hopped the border for a two hour show with ten other performers doing acro, juggling, and contortion. Watching the contortionists move so easily into back bends and stretch their legs… 

Clown Croquet


For her birthday my friend Anny hosted Clown Croquet. We dressed up, met downtown and spent over 6 hours running around the city. We croqueted down Woodward, surprised a couple having a picnic on the grass, rode the people mover and greeted riders with horns and bubbles (I can only imagine their surprised when a… 

Photoshoot in the Park


Yesterday we set the rig up in a park to shoot new promo photos. It was super hot and I got myself a wicked sunburn, but the photos (shot by Cheryl of course) turned out so good! Now to find time in my schedule to update our site…

That time we pushed it real good

The Weird Sisters Circus with Salt-n-Pepa

I completely missed Game of Thrones last night because I was doing one of the very few things cool enough to miss it for…performing at a halftime show with Salt-n-Pepa! I love finding the video online after because with all the spinning I can’t see anything during the show.

Aerial Abs: Side Plank Push-Up


I’ve been noticing the tiny shadow of a six-pack starting to form on my stomach and I’m attributing it to lots of planking. The back/chest/tricep P90X workout is one of my favorites and this move is easy, but powerful. Start in plank, do a push-up then roll to your right side, left arm in the… 

Creating an aerial routine for performance // Creating an aerial routine for performance

Photo by Spilt Sugar Paola said, “I love your aerial posts! I’ve been taking an aerial fabrics class for about 8 months now and I’m seriously considering performing for the first time. Could you write about your process for putting together a performance (choreography, costumes, etc.)?” Thanks for your question! I’m happy to share some…