3 ways to Beyoncé your blog and make your readers ‘Drunk in Love’

3 ways to Beyonce your blog and make readers "Drunk in Love"

Be unapologetically yourself Do you think Beyoncé thought twice about dancing in a leotard? Chopping all her hair off? Or wearing that fabulous hat? Doubt it. She loved the idea and didn't worry about what other people might say. Next time you go to post something controversial or make a life choice YOU love but others might not be stoked about, forget them. Do what YOU want and your loyal fans will become even loyaler (yep, it's a word). Share something personal Doesn't have to be anything deep and dark, but tell READ MORE >>>

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Lately I have been... + binge watching the Kardashians. I know they get a lot of hate for being famous for nothing, but I find them to be a really funny and caring family. Who knew?? + figuring out how to balance everything I want to do for my business. I've got a couple more ideas up my sleeves and I'm trying to make space in my schedule to cram in more projects, but I can also feel myself close to overwhelm. Finding ways to simplify and automate things so there's more space in my day and in my mind by being super READ MORE >>>

How to do something really scary you’re sure you can’t do

How to do something really scary that you've already convinced yourself you can't do

Mandy said, Hi there! I found your blog around the same time that I started messing around on the aerial silks at my climbing gym. You inspired me to keep trying new things, and I've recently started training at a studio near my house! So first off, thank you! Today in class, my teacher assisted me into an upside-down straddle. I was pretty sure I couldn't do it on my own, but she kept insisting that I had the strength for it, and that she wasn't helping me almost at all! I know it's "all in my head," but I still READ MORE >>>

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My cutie cute family just before my bro got married Dogs in a photobooth >>> 75 resources for writing copy that converts >>> Love Sarah's post on personal growth >>> 7 ways to clear your mind of negative thoughts >>> 16 things every leader should know >>> A stress free freelance life >>> 10 commandments of landing pages that work >>> Who runs the social media world? Girls. >>> A post about perfectionism >>> 7 READ MORE >>>

Fix-It Friday

Fix-it Friday - Free web and blog design advice from XOSarah.com

Oh baby! It's my favorite day of the month (OK..Paczki Day is actually my fave this month, but FF is a close second!) it's the day when I hand out free blogging advice to every single person who leaves a comment. Just tell me your URL and I'll respond with one tip to make your blog even better. How easy is that?? Here’s how it works... Between 8AM and 5PM EST (ending a little earlier then usual, I have to teach tonight) post your blog/website link in the comments and I’ll reply with one tip for improvement. I’ll do my READ MORE >>>

A quick tip to create a blogging game plan

A quick tip to create a blogging game plan from XOSarah.com

After transferring all of my blog content to XO Sarah, I spent some time updating photos and categories. I went through probably 75 percent of my content, deleted a lot of stuff, and unexpectedly ended up with a really clear picture of what I want my blog to be. When I look back I want to see more photos me and friends/family doing stuff and less posts with random photos from the internet. I'll be ditching product round-ups and image heavy tutorials and focusing more on writing longer, more thoughtful (and helpful!) READ MORE >>>

How to get great testimonials from your clients

How to get great testimonials from your customers from XO Sarah

Jenna asked, I was wondering if you have any advice on questions I can ask my clients after the process is done that will help me create "testimonials" from the answers? I have tried to research it a bit but I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for (every questionnaire advice seems stuffy and outdated and old-man corporate type stuff). I want to avoid things like "this is a great book" and get actual, real feedback that will help others in the future decide to work with me. Great question Jenna! When you run a READ MORE >>>

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Reflections on a year of pricing projects >>> How to get a busy person to respond to your email >>> 50 fresh self-promotion tips >>> Great webinar about gaining clarity and growing a business online (available until March 5) >>> A post on packaging your expertise >>> Read this before sharing advice on blogging (or anything really) >>> Things entrepreneurs should know when speaking to the media >>> How to file taxes as a blogger READ MORE >>>

Bobbi made The Escape

How Bobbi made The Escape

Today Bobbi is here to share how she left her job to build a fun and fulfilling business of her own! Tell us about yourself and what you do I’m Bobbi! I’m a freelance web designer and social strategy consultant! I’m lucky that I get to do something that I love while helping people make serious moves and a lasting impression with their businesses and blogs. I fell into web design accidentally, really, but doing so has had such a positive impact on my life and career that I wake up daily feeling so thankful that READ MORE >>>

Are you busy or effective?

Are you busy or effective? Find out with this free worksheet!

Today I'm off to California to watch my little bro get hitched, so Halley is here to help get your work day in line! Facebook. Twitter. Facebook group. LinkedIn. Email. Twitter. Facebook. The day feels chock full of endless to-do’s. I often delude myself into thinking I’m avalanche-busy, but when I use this nifty worksheet I realize I’m wasting time, MOUNTAINS of time. Time I could be using to pester my cat or drinking gin at 1pm or going outside to look at clouds. IMPORTANT STUFF. Once you match up your intentions READ MORE >>>