NERD PARTY: Clever Coding & Design Tips for Busy Bloggers

Nerd Party: Clever Coding & Design Tips for Busy Bloggers


Your design is the first thing people see when they visit your website. Before they read a word, before they look at your photos, before they know anything about you. They’ll decide in a split second whether they’re interested in reading your posts and learning about you or your business.

Through this book I hope to help you define your style as a blogger, share your message, your business or your passion, and encourage your readers to stick around and participate.

It includes 10 brand new, easy to follow tutorials for Blogger and WordPress including: how to add an image to your post titles or date, create a repeating background, add a transparent header image, and how to add or move sidebars.

You’ll also learn the best way to create a user-friendly design, instructions for altering your template’s layout, tips for building professional looking photo galleries, ideas for using analytics to aid in your blog design, the best practices for search engine optimization and using Google’s Keyword Tool and more!

This book is perfect for the blogger who has basic coding knowledge and is looking to add new design elements or change their layout of their site.

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