A quick tip for getting shit done

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My mom and dad have been working on fixing up their house since all of us kids have finally moved out. They’ve replaced the deck, repainted rooms, updated window treatments. Once in a while my dad will suggest something, a random little fix, and my mom will remind him “If it’s not on the list […]

Where's your inspiration?


one . two . three . four One of the most important things to do when working toward a goal is surround yourself with inspiration. Tack up photos of people with killer abs, subscribe to blogs of dedicated knitters, make plans with friends nurturing their own small businesses. No matter what you’re working on, having […]

Happy New Year!


    I hope you all had a sparkling celebration last night. I caught myself a cold, so Piglet and I stayed in and watch a bajillion episodes of Parenthood (have you watched this show??) I’m still under the weather today, so I’ll just leave you with this thought for the start of 2013 :) […]

2013 Goals


Since last year was all about conquering THE big goal, in 2013 I want to focus on balancing my two careers with the rest of my life. While I love what I do and am thankful and excited for ever opportunity, juggling two jobs when I’m the boss can be very stressful. In addition to […]

Clean White Board // New Goals


This is how my white board last looked for the past two months. Completely blank. You may recall it was the site for my escape plan and every goal I’ve checked off for the past year. But now that I’m done working toward such a massive project, my new goals are focused inward. It feels […]

Little Summer Goals


Walk to the grocery store: I have a confession…there is a really great little grocery store five blocks from my house, my house that I have lived in for three and a half years…and I’ve never once walked there. Now that I’m working from home, I don’t need to drive anywhere on a daily basis, […]

How are you doing on your goals?


We’re two months into 2012, so this is the perfect time to check in on your goals, evaluate your progress and see if what you’re working toward is still something you have passion for. I’ve started feeling a lot of pressure over the past month. Most of it I’m putting on myself by working 60+ […]

Year in Review & My Goals for 2012


Promise’s post is a great reminder of the importance of evaluating the past year of work. What went well, what went horribly wrong and what needs to change. It works as much for businesses as it does for personal goals, so here’s how my year went and what I’m planning for 2012… In 2011 I…designed […]

Dear 2012: I’ve Got A Plan


When I decided I wanted to make the escape from the cube I knew a plan was in order. The amount of money I was making from designing and shows was not nearly enough to cover my bills, so I cleaned off my white board and got to work figuring out how much I’d need […]

Dear 2012: I don’t know what goals to make


About two years ago I felt really stuck – completely glued in place, no idea how to get unstuck or what do to when I did. I had just left my position running a local womens organization and my job was mind-numbing to the point where I actually thought I didn’t enjoy designing anymore. I’ve […]

Dear 2012: Ready or Not, Here I Come!


[ via cityscapes ] New Years is my favorite time for making goals and concocting plans. I love to wipe clean my giant dry erase board and start fresh, reevaluating the things that I’m working toward and adding new projects to the mix. So every day this week I’m going to post a little prompt, […]

My Year-Long Happiness Goal


I’ve been thinking about my year-long happiness goal – my plan to have a smile of my face and a song in my heart for at least 99 percent of the year. 99 percent seems like a lot, doesn’t it? But who wouldn’t want to be that happy? If you were happy 99 percent of […]