Latest circus show photos


Just got back some beautiful photos from the last show I did. Yes, these are from a circus wrestling show, but I was positioned just right to get studio-like pictures! Thank you to the fantastic Red Riding Photography for making me look so good :)

International Circus


My internet went out Thursday night so you get a post on Saturday! Here are a few photos from last weekend’s show in Windsor. We hopped the border for a two hour show with ten other performers doing acro, juggling, and contortion. Watching the contortionists move so easily into back bends and stretch their legs […]

That time we pushed it real good

The Weird Sisters Circus with Salt-n-Pepa

I completely missed Game of Thrones last night because I was doing one of the very few things cool enough to miss it for…performing at a halftime show with Salt-n-Pepa! I love finding the video online after because with all the spinning I can’t see anything during the show.

Detroit Respect photoshoot


In December we did a photoshoot with a local t-shirt company called Detroit Respect – two dudes making apparel to promote the good things in the city. It was really fun to play around and try out new poses and I even got to take that comfy tank home with me. Seriously one of my […]

Holiday photoshoot


OK, one more little post while I’m on vacation because I have to share these photos from the holiday shoot we did last week. I felt like Christmas Dolly Parton in that outfit! Photos by Spilt Sugar

Adventures in Screen Printing


We spent an afternoon last week printing tons of tanks and tees. We ended up with about 50 shirts! While the lovely Miss Kristi did most of the printing, I did learn a few things. The screen came from a kit, but instead of using an emulsion, Kristi cut the letters out of contact paper […]

That time we performed at an NBA halftime show


Last night instead of passing out candy or dressing as a sexy nurse/kitten/cop, I was swinging from the rafters in a packed arena at the Pistons home opener. After being hit with a horrible cold on Thursday and then waking up on Monday realizing I still could not breathe through my nose at all (very […]

The Weird Sisters as Witch Doctors


This year for Theatre Bizarre we went a little crazy on the costume front, covering ourselves in fur and feathers and performing as witch doctors to Amon Tobin’s Proper Hoodidge. Irina gets credit for crafting our creepy skull-topped staffs. (yes that porcupine quill is going straight through her septum :) Photos by Spilt Sugar and […]

Upcoming Circus Shows


We got some big, BIG news recently that I’ve been anxiously waiting to share. The contracts are all signed and now I can finally spill…we’re going to be performing at the DETROIT PISTONS HOME OPENER HALFTIME SHOW on Halloween! I’m going be flying 20 feet in the air during the halftime show of an NBA […]

The Weird Sisters at DIY Street Fair


Here’s how I spent my weekend…crammed in my tiny bathroom with my Weird Sisters covering ourselves in silver eye shadow and glitter; being elated and surprised when our rig was already surrounded by eager fair-goers when we showed up to perform; having lots of people ask for photos and receiving a flower from an adorable […]

Black + White + Red


Last week Cheryl and I performed at an AIDS benefit. We did an hour of lyra and hammock and then devoured delicious food and took a bunch of silly photobooth pics. Her husband was nice enough to hang out and photograph us in the air. It was one of those shows that is just fun and […]

The Weird Sisters Circus One Year Anniversary


I met up with my circus sisters on Saturday to celebrate our first year of performing together. We ordered a giant pizza and discussed an amazingly challenging, exciting and gruesome idea for a Halloween show. And then of course Cheryl set up her camera in the parking lot and we snapped a few photos. Check […]

World Steampunk Expo


This weekend we performed at the World Steampunk Expo and it was so much fun! Every single person was dressed in their best Victorian time traveling outfits and carrying their crazy light-up, spinning inventions. After we set up the rig, we wandered around the hotel taking photos of ourselves and making a bit of a […]

It Came from Planet B!


Here are a few photos from the opening of It Came from Planet B! These are all from the end of the show when, after being abducted from the small town of  Springdale Hollow, all of the townspeople return glowing from the wonders of SCIENCE! We (The Weird Sisters) ended the show using our minds […]

Squared Circle Revue


This was, hands down, the most fun show I’ve ever been a part of. Sometimes we a book show and after a week of rehearsals, I just want to go home after we perform and pass out. This was actually my plan for Squared Circle too – we performed at midnight, in the middle of […]

Circus in Sandusky


Recently we’ve started performing with a circus company called Bacchanal Promotions – we had our second corporate gig last night. I got my hair colored in the morning, picked up snacks at Trader Joe’s, packed up my make-up and costume before we drove to Sandusky to perform during a dinner for a food convention. Row […]