Aerial Exercise: The Lazy Splits // The Lazy Splits

Here’s a super simple, lazy way of working on your middle splits. Lay on the ground, scoot you butt all the way up to a wall and let your legs fall open. Gravity will do all the work. Come out of this one slowly – you might even have to use your hands to move […]

Aerial Abs: Side Plank Push-Up


I’ve been noticing the tiny shadow of a six-pack starting to form on my stomach and I’m attributing it to lots of planking. The back/chest/tricep P90X workout is one of my favorites and this move is easy, but powerful. Start in plank, do a push-up then roll to your right side, left arm in the […]

Aerial Exercise: Tips for Straddling-Up // Tips for straddling-up

Scully said, “I’m completely frustrated at my inability to get inverted from straddle back. Do you have any tips?” Yes ma’am! A straddle back or straddle-up as we call it, is when you flip upside down with your legs in a wide V. This can be one of the most challenging things when you’re starting […]

Tips for Climbing Aerial Silks


(My first time on silks – I assure you I did not put that foot lock on in the air!) Mia asked a question on Twitter today and since I haven’t prepared a post I thought I’d share a few tips for climbing aerial silks. I’ve been taking silks for almost a month (1-3x/week) and […]

9 Exercises for Aerial Arms


After my last aerial exercise post, Sara requested I write about my arm workout. My main exercise is climbing & holding myself in the air along with P90X cardio 4-5 times a week. I know that most of you don’t have 20 ft ceilings at home, so here are my favorite arm exercises you can […]

Aerial Exercise: V-ups on a wall // Aerial Exercise: V-ups on a wall

It’s been a while since I posted an aerial exercise and this is one of the simplest, but surprisingly difficult ones. It’s sort of like boat pose, but since you aren’t able to lean back, you have to use the tops of your thighs to lift your legs. Sit with your back against a wall, […]

Exercises for an Aerial Body

Exercises for an aerial body and flexibility

I had a comment a while ago from Ailsa asking about stretching and conditioning for aerial. She said…You seem to be super fit and flexible, so I would love some of your workouts. I know a lot of it would be done during aerial class, but if you do any stretching or strength sessions at […]